PhD ・ Academic Researcher ・ Architect

NEW INVITED LECTURE: Scuola politecnica di Genova, Genoa, January 20, 2021

I have been invited to participate to the first Book Talks: Ricerche che diventano libri, PhD seminar organized by the doctoral schools of Università di Genova and Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

My presentation will focus on the methodology and process that I conducted to transform my PhD research and dissertation (EPFL, 2014-2018) into my book L'intelligence des formes: Le projet de logements collectifs à Vienne et Francfort (Mētispresses, 2019).

I am delighted to share and discuss about research and books with other presenting colleagues: Alberto Bologna (DAD-DAStU), Beatrice Moretti (dAD, UNIGE), Francesco Bacci (dAD, UNIGE).